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Ed Berland, Creative Director-Berland Design GroupED BERLAND, PRINCIPAL & CREATIVE DIRECTOR
With a Fine Arts degree and more than 40 years of experience as a designer of all things visual, the graphics community has continually called Ed in to "troubleshoot" problem assignments and “make things right” for the many commercial artists, designers, and photographers who do not have the technological grounding necessary for new media.

Yet, his most valuable assets transcend technology.

Ed lives life the way he creates. A sailor, historical re-enactor and occasional fabricator of medieval arms and armor, he literally lives, works and plays on the edge. He is the quintessential 21st Century Art Director. Having learned his craft by putting out the fires created by others, he understands his technologies from the inside out as only someone who has walked the talk can. Because he knows the comparative strengths, limitations, and challenges inherent is those media technologies, he also understands the opportunities they afford.

Artist. Art Director. Visionary. But, more to the point, Ed's a doer. He keeps his own council and is famous for his spontaneity. The edge -- if nothing else -- is liking who you are and what you do enough to give your best when it counts. The net benefit of having Ed on your team is a consistent flow of integral concepts that are fresh and on the edge. And, execution that redefines where that edge is.